NCL Port: Puerto Limon, Costa Rica

My family and I recently went on a 10 night cruise, over Christmas 2016, on Norwegian Cruise Line.  The itinerary was Miami –> Aruba –> Cartagena, Columbia –> Panama Canal / Gatun Lake –> Colon, Panama –> Puerto Limon, Costa Rica –> Miami.

This last post is about Puerto Limon, Costa Rica!

For this trip my mum, sister and I booked a trip to Tortuguero National Park and Cacao Trails chocolate tour in Cahuita.

First up was a boat tour of the canals of Tortuguero National Park.  Plenty of wildlife to see here, including sloths, caiman, plant life, and lots of birds!

Tortuguero National Park


Tortuguero National Park


Tortuguero National Park Tortuguero National Park


There was also a coast guard station along the tour which included piles of small boats which had been numbered.  Turns out these boats were seized from drug runners just off the coast of Limon.

Tortuguero National Park

After this boat ride, we were given some delicious fruit of pineapple, papaya and watermelon before we headed off for the long drive to Cahuita.  On the way, we saw white faced capuchins.  Unfortunately, they were too hidden in the trees to get a good photo, but even the tour guide was impressed to have seem them at all.

At the chocolate place, called Cacao Trails, we were taken on a walk through their gardens to look at the different plants and talk about how the cacao plant is grown.  We saw more howler monkeys and sloths here too.  Then we were given a demonstration of how to make the chocolate.  This included tasting the raw cacao bean directly from the pod, as well as roasted cacao and then the final product which was delicious!  I purchased some roasted beans so I can attempt to make some myself 🙂

Cacao Trails, Cahuita Cacao Trails, Cahuita


*All photos are the property of Charlotte Moore, unless stated otherwise, and may not be used without written consent

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