About Charlotte

Hi All! I’m Charlotte – and clearly, I love to travel 🙂

Tamea Burd Photography www.tameaburdphotography.com
Tamea Burd Photography http://www.tameaburdphotography.com

I’m originally from Bath, England.  When I was younger, my family moved to the US where I lived in Houston, TX, Boston, MA and San Francisco, CA.  Now, I live in Vancouver, BC.  I’m pretty new to the area, having just moved in December 2014. I’m excited to explore beautiful British Columbia.  Send me a message if you have any recommendations of places that I should visit and blog about.

Other things about me:  I love cheese, wine and chocolate (the trifecta!).  I’m excited about photography.  I’m a huge movie fan.  James Bond films are my favourite 🙂


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